Our Goals

Dental Hygiene

Your dental health is a good indicator of your overall health.  

As such, our office strongly believes that prevention is the best method.  Our friendly dental hygienists, Raquel and Candice are licensed to perform comprehensive dental hygiene exams.  We strive to keep you with your preferred hygienist to maintain continuity and a more tailored approach to the management of your oral health.  Our office exclusively uses digital radiography. Besides providing a better image that can be magnified, the main benefit of digital x-rays versus conventional radiography is that you are exposed to less radiation. During your hygiene visits, Dr. Barzan will verify for periodontal disease, screen for oral cancer, do an analysis of your bite, and a thorough examination of your teeth. Screening for inflammation in the mouth is a useful tool for helping detect systemic diseases. If you are an athlete, another important aspect of prevention is having a custom made sports mouth-guard. And if you’ve always wanted whiter teeth ask about our whitening products. We are able to provide these for you with minimal wait times for our patients who want to maintain good oral hygiene and overall health.